BuffSci College Counseling

College is for Everyone

100% College Acceptance

At the Buffalo Academy of Science Charter School (BuffSci), we believe that college is for everyone. To assure our students reach that goal, the college counseling department provides an individualized process to produce the best match between BuffSci students and colleges.

More than 90% Graduation

Each student works closely with their counselor to explore the talents and interests that he or she has developed over the years to set a high school graduation plan based on those experiences and to find the best fit program and colleges that will help him or her achieve those goals.

5M $ Scholarship on Average

Grade level counselor meets with each student at least three times each year. We believe that using technology makes the college and scholarship applications easier than the paper era and strongly encourage our students and parents to use the online tools for that purpose.

What Makes Us Different?

Personalized Schedule

Individual student scheduling to ensure graduation

College Counseling Calendar

Strong College Counseling Calendar Agenda thoughout the year

Individual Meetings

3 one-on-one meetings with each student during the year

Classroom Seminars

Monthly Counselor Classroom Seminar for each grade level

College Visits

At least 2 college visits per year for each year at HS

College info nights

College info Nights and Events for Parents and Students

College Planning Class

Senior year course taught by grade counselor

PSAT at the school

All 9, 10 and 11 graders are taking PSAT at the school

School Day SAT

SAT school Day twice a year: Fall - Seniors , Spring: Juniors

Same Day College Admission

Instant decision day at the school

Jump Start Program

Opportunity to take college courses

Comprehensive Summer School

Summer School for regent prep, bridge program and SAT preperation

Career Exploration Program

ASVAB testing and Career Exploration Program

Parent Meetings

Individual parent meetings to review graduation requirements

Services and Resources

Why Choose Us?

Because We Care

By visiting college campuses, attending regional and national conferences, and hosting individual college representatives at our school, BuffSci’s college counselors update and expand their knowledge about programs available at colleges.

Creating a good match of student and college also requires that the college counselor and student forge a strong relationship so that the college counselor knows the student's strengths, abilities, talents, and aspirations.